“Laura’s Yin Yoga class is the perfect antidote to my busy week. I love every minute of the practice, from the chance to lay down and become still at the start of the class to the savasana at the end of the class, where I feel my mind gently floating away, letting go of all my fears and worries. Laura is a gentle, attentive teacher, and her musical voice and her calm, loving heart create a beautiful space in which to release and let go without fear or judgement. As I relax into each pose, I know that Laura is keeping a watchful eye, making sure that we each have whatever support we need to feel comfortable and able to stay in the pose for the longest possible time. I find my joints – which suffer from auto-immune attack on a daily basis – relaxing and calming down, leaving my body feeling cooler, more supple and aligned, and better able to cope with the demands of my busy life. I had no idea how magical Yin Yoga could be, and I am particularly glad to have found this class because I had struggled with any yoga pose which puts significant stress on my back due to structural problems; I was regularly having to see the chiro after trying other forms of yoga. But Yin just creates the space for my muscles and fascia to relax and let go of the tension they hold, and leave me able to sleep deeply with less stiffness and pain, and greater flexibility. Laura is an incredible, accepting and non-judgemental teacher. If you’ve ever wanted to see if yoga can help you but were too nervous to try, I urge you to find a space on the floor in Laura’s class – you won’t regret it!” – Sian, 12th Nov 2017

“Yoga with Laura is fabulous. Laura really knows her stuff and I always feel I’m in very capable hands. All postures are clearly demonstrated and Laura is always on hand to help everyone individually. She is attentive and reassuring, creating a safe and warm space. Laura’s classes are fulfilling and gentle in a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful music. I always feel refreshed, relaxed and restored after yoga with Laura.” – Lisa, 19th Aug 2017

“I was thinking about your session and I actually wanted to thank you. I think the way you lead yoga is very special to me. You have holistic approach, you have deep trust in the body, you adding mindfulness so your sessions are generally deeply relaxing to me. I can focus on the moment, you keep it simple and thanks to that lots of things are coming out. I can see your passion and enthusiasm as well. When you lead the session I feel I can let go but at the same time you do not take over and I have control on what I do. I could write even more :-). Thank you so much.” – Gosia, 19th Aug 2017



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